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As our work with the LTA continues at The Queens Club, London, we again get the pleasure of working with the LTA events team.  Our second year at the AEGON Championship saw many improvements to both AllowMe and ScanMe from the year before.  RFIDentikit provided both the Accreditation for contactors, sponsors and staff and RFID pass scanning services for the tournament along side our intuitive portal for application to the site running in the months before.


The AEGON Championship is one of the most prestigious grass court tennis tournaments in the world and despite several days of heavy rain, the tournament managed to complete in time for Wimbledon and was a resounding success and a credit to the excellent grounds staff.


The LTA Event Operations team wanted to use RFID scanning on player specific areas. With the help of Max-Wifi and the onsite maintenance team, alongside our in depth planning prior to the event, we surpassed the challenge that the 130-year-old building at The Queen’s Club, presented in relation to running power and network infrastructure with relative ease.  All data collected by these scanners was instantly accessible in AllowMe, so the LTA Event Operations team could keep track of general activity in the player zones.


Alongside the player areas, we also provided RFID scanning in the players catering area.  Individuals requiring catering could scan their pass and the access rights that had been predetermined would either allow or decline this facility.  A notification would be provided on the tablet screen allowing catering management to monitor usage of that area.  This was a huge success with catering staff not having to rely on unprofessional paper vouchers or plate counts.  The LTA found this to be a very valuable tool, allowing them to both monitor consumption in real time as well as report the information post event.


Accrediting over 3000 people including players, VIPs, contractors, staff, sponsors and the media, both the LTA management and the onsite security staff commented on how well the system had worked and how it was amazing that in one package we could provide both an increase to security and an accurate way to report access and movement around the site.


Going forward, we foresee to a successful 2017 with the LTA at all of their venues and will continue to increase the offering as the relationship develops.


The team at Queens were, as always, incredible to work with, being very welcoming and friendly, and made us feel part of the family.  We hope to see you all next year!!

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