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Alongside providing services for the Aegon Championships at Queens Club, London, this year we also provided the AllowMe accreditation system for the Aegon Classic (Birmingham), Aegon Open (Nottingham) and Aegon International (Eastbourne).

Having four different events being operated by the same body (LTA), gave us the opportunity to offer one instance of AllowMe utilising the multi event site function, a core part of the system.  This feature allows all of the aforementioned events to contribute to the same data base, share data and use the one front facing portal. This also assisted the front end user, as rather than having a profile for each LTA tournament they wished to attend, they now had a single LTA profile from which they could apply for all tournaments. This came into its own for cross tournament contractors, suppliers, players and officials.

The portal was designed in a way to ensure that the automation and user experience was smooth and simple.  Contractors applying to one venue would then already be in the system when moving on to the second, thus vastly speeding up the users task of applying for accreditation as well as streamlining the accreditation managers processing on site.  This was our largest multi event site instance to date and we can already see by the feedback we are receiving, and our real time analytics of the system, that the flow of traffic was quick and our clients love how easy the process was.

Through configuration, AllowMe was tailored to fit the multi event setup of this years LTA schedule of tournaments with pass types built and only available to certain events, specific groups of people and only available to apply for between certain dates.

With the three new tournaments processing and printing over 6,000 passes on top of the 3,000 at Queens Club, all of the LTA Accreditation managers have been very busy but events have run without a hitch.  We are proud to be able to say that with the amount of work that goes into making sure that both the software and the hardware we supply exceeds the expectations of the client, pays off with great feedback time and time again.

As with our ongoing relationship with the Aegon Championships at Queens, we look forward to continuing our work with the LTA and all of its major tournaments. RFIDentikit strive to continue to increase our offerings and endeavour to continue in development to make accreditation faster and easier for all concerned.  We also look forward to working with the amazing people at the LTA and would like to thank them for their hospitality throughout the process.

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