Americas Cup

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In the Winter of 2015 we started discussions with Americas Cup with the plan to provide the AllowMe accreditation and RFID scanning system to their operations for their upcoming Americas Cup World Series events in 2016.


The brief was to provide a slick online registration Portal where Sponsors could easily input their invited guest names into one form, with said form respecting any allocation put in place for the respective Sponsor. We created a bulk pass request form for this function which could carry a number of pre defined fields, including photograph. An additional requirement was for the requestor to be able to email out from the Portal, to their guests, requesting photos or inviting the individual to make their own application, which was something we added to the overall Portal processor.


Alongside the online registration element we were also tasked with providing pass printing services which included designing the print overlay for each credential, procuring the RFID enabled cards and also supplying on site printing hardware. The design held in the system for the print overlay had to be adaptive and carried numerous print rules to achieve the desired result, all of which was possible using existing features of the system.


The final piece of the jigsaw was the RFID scanning element which has been specifically tailored for each event we have been involved in so far. The main idea of the scanning was to identify individuals on a non-interactive basis using the long range scanning stations. As the majority of passes had been printed and issued in advance, the long range scanning offered up the ability to identify guests as they approached the entrance to the Hospitality area, giving the option for a personalised greeting as well as automatically ‘checking’ people into the venue and giving a real time headcount.


In addition to the Front Of House scanning we have also deployed a USB / shorter range scanning station in the Club AC Hospitality area itself on one of the sponsor stands. The holding screen displayed the sponsor logo and the instruction for any interested party to scan their RFID enabled badge against the scanner to ‘like’ the brand. This offered some way of the guest to interact with the brand and also allows (if required) the brand to collect a database of individuals from which they could follow up potential sales leads.


After the first couple of events we were asked to look into the possibility of adding an extra feature to the long range scanning to give those on the welcome desk the ability to be able to pick out VVIPs and those invited to take part in the Guest Chaser programme. This worked with great success in Chicago where we rolled this out for one particular Group of guests. The system / tablet screen would display a different coloured box around the person when they were scanned to make them easily identifiable to the Sponsorship team.


We have since looked into this colour coded flagging further and for the next event in Portsmouth we have further developed the function to provide text as well as colour to pre defined Groups of individuals, thus offering more options and configurability where required.


So far in 2016 we have worked at each of the Americas Cup World Series events in Muscat (Oman), New York (US) and Chicago (US). We are currently in preparation for the next event to be held in Portsmouth (UK) and hope to be working on the remaining events for 2016 in France and Japan.


It has been a delight to work with Rob, Stephanie and the whole Americas Cup Team who run an outstanding series of events and we look forward to continuing the relationship.