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The Royal Windsor Horse Show is organised by HPower Group and is held annually in the private grounds of Windsor Castle over 5 days in May. It is the largest outdoor event of its kind in the UK with competitors from all over the world competing over four equestrian disciplines. This year’s show is extra special due to The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations for which the RWHS plays an integral role.


We were carrying on from where we left off in 2015 providing the accreditation system to handle all of the contractors, volunteers, media, stewards, officials and management teams. On top of this for 2016 we were also tasked to provide an accreditation solution for Participants, which accounts for around 2000 individuals. In addition to the standard accreditation offering, HPower took a leap into the world of RFID for 2016 and we deployed 4 RFID Catering Scanners on site to handle Crew & Participant meals, totaling around 2000 individuals per day.


Away from RFID and accreditation, HPower Group also came to us to provide a solution to their Hospitality registration and entry procedures. We have since successfully launched a separate online Portal to gather guestlists from invited partners, the backend to manage these and report on throughout the process. In addition to this pre event system RFIDentikit are also providing a tablet-based application for hostesses to operate as guests arrive at the event. Guests would be asked for their invitation which with a simple search mechanic would be located on the app to then ‘check-in’ the relevant individuals. This is not only a slicker experience for the guest, it also gives real time information for the event organisers and the ability for post event analysis.


Moving back to the accreditation system, once again this year HPower chose to use Auxiliary Records to act as an initial ‘vetting’ procedure. As per security procedure in 2015 and even more so for HMQ90 celebrations in 2016, the Royal Pass Office (RPO) required access to the specific module of AllowMe to run checks on individuals applying for access to site. Dependent on which pass type, zone(s) and dates the individual was requesting a trigger was set to determine which checks were applicable from the RPO. The accreditation request for said individual could not be processed in the system until the RPO had carried out the checks and cleared the individual.


With the move towards RFID this year, HPower saw it as an opportunity to review the cards used for accreditation and opted for a larger format card with the UHF RFID tag embedded within. The wonderful Accreditation Team at the Royal Windsor Horse Show processed the printing of individual passes through AllowMe, using RFIDentikit supplied large format card printers and the issuing of accreditation was done on site with valid ID required for collection. With well over 5,000 accreditation requests processed for the show, alongside 4000 hospitality applications, the batch printing function in the system certainly helped the girls workflow!