Patrons Lunch

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On Sunday June 12th 2016, The Mall in St James’s Park was transformed for its largest ever street party to celebrate The Queen’s patronage of over 600 charities and organisations on the occasion of her 90th birthday.


The Patron’s Lunch was an iconic event recognising the un-relenting support and service our Monarch has given to the community over her 63 year reign. The Mall will be the centrepiece to a truly magnificent spectacle with 10,000 guests, the majority of which will be representatives from the Patron’s Organisations, taking part in a classic British ‘street party’.


It was a privilege for RFIDentikit to be involved in The Patrons Lunch in our partnership with Ginger Owl Productions who provided Accreditation staffing and advancing services for the event.


Using AllowMe for both registration through the online Portal and onsite pass production, processing and issue, the Ginger Owl team worked their way through close to 5000 accredited people, across 24 pass types, for the one day spectacular.  


The Patrons Lunch due to the nature of the event saw heightened security throughout build, break and live, which meant the application process had to be strict. AllowMe once again came into its own with it’s unlimited configurability in relation to capturing differing data types and the processing of that data.


It was another hugely successful event for RFIDentikit and the Ginger Owl team, and with plenty more events in the pipeline our relationship with Julie, Nancy and the rest of the team goes from strength to strength!