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In early 2015 we were contracted by HPower Group, on behalf of The Royal British Legion, to deliver a system for the VE Day 70 Commemorations in London. To ensure that the Second World War generation was at the heart of all VE Day activity The Royal British Legion invited veterans of VE Day to join the national commemorations in London. The Service of Remembrance at the Cenotaph on Friday 8 May, the Service of Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey and the Legion’s reception in St James’s Park on Sunday 10 May.


To attend the celebrations Veterans were required to register themselves, carers & any family members for Accreditation, which is where we came in! We were tasked with providing a user friendly Public Portal that was not only simple to navigate, but would capture some detailed data and also carry out some fairly complex functionality. The Portal was open for essentially anyone to register, with a link embedded on The Royal British Legion’s website, however there was strict criteria for applications and anyone who didn’t meet these guidelines would have their request rejected.


Alongside the open Public Portal for Veterans/Carers/Family, there was also a Private Portal for registrations that required a unique logon key emailed out to a select number of invited Veterans & Carers. The Royal British Legion initially generated interest for the event directly through it’s regional associations and some basic data was captured from these individuals. Rather than directing these Veterans and Carers through the Public Portal and completing the information again, we imported the existing data into our system and upon logging into the Private Portal the user would only need to complete any additional data fields, with all other fields pre populated.


The final Portal we created was to capture data from the Contractors working pre-event, post-event and over the live event days. We used a Private Portal and sent out unique login keys to Organisations wishing to apply for Accreditation.


All of the information captured across these portals fed into the same back end admin interface, which was being moderated by both The Royal British Legion and the HPower Group. With admin user restrictions put in place, workload could be spread with only the relevant information being displayed to the relevant users.


The processing of Veteran/Carer/Family data was predominantly handled by The Royal British Legion, with HPower Group looking after the Contractor applications. However as the public requests were processed, HPower Group handled the job of printing passes and mailing these out to Veterans. RFIDentikit put the pass layout together in AllowMe, with the design brief and security features created & communicated by the VE Day 70 Management Committee.  


One notable addition to the initial brief was the request for the Met Police to be sent reports in order to ‘vet’ individuals who had applied for Accreditation to the event. We liaised directly with the Met Police and assigned them with their own user logon so that they could access the data they required at their convenience, pulling reports and cross-referencing with their own databases. They then had the option to manually flag known individuals to the organisers, or alternatively reject the application at source.


The weekend of events was a roaring success with over 1000 Veterans/Carers accredited as well as nearly 1000 Contractors and members of the Media/Press. It was great to see it gained the coverage and national awareness that the Veterans deserved. It was a privilege to be involved and we look forward to working on the next HPower & Royal British Legion event, VJ Day, in August 2015.