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Our completely versatile systems have a huge variety of applications, and are regularly used across the world for many different purposes.

RFIDentikit has been servicing the sporting world since the beginning. Our team has extensive knowledge of how sports accreditation works, and although our system can be applied to any event, a lot of our features have been developed to address the needs of some of the most prestigious events in the world. We don’t charge for usage, so the sky is the limit when it comes to applicants passes issued and on site scans.

Our foundations can be found in 25 years of Live Music touring. Providing systems for backstage access control, crew and supplier compliance and personal information collection and management, and guest ticket requests. The quick to deploy scanning stations and easy to use config makes it ideal for touring or festivals.  Make your VIPs feel like VIPs, allow you crew to do their job, and ensure the whole team are secure.

Delegate Badging and lead generation can be addressed in various ways. Upgrading to RFID provides quicker interactions and more accurate scanning. Once a delegate has an RFID enabled badge a range of self service options become available. Delegates can use the smart kiosks to access additional information such as flight bookings, dinner seating plans etc. AllowMe can automatically send follow up material as soon as someone has scanned, ensuring leads are not overlooked.

Adding an RFID chip to the invite can elevate the level of sophistication to any event. Our automatic welcome screen acts as a digital Master of Ceremonies, announcing the arrival of your guests on screens around your event. Have the guests use their personalized invite to bid at a silent auction or pledge their with a simple tap on a discrete scanner. Your event will enjoy heightened levels of excitement with live bidding results displayed on big screens.

Long range scanners coupled with RFID enabled invites allows all guests to be given the red carpet treatment and at the same time provides a level of discretion to security not seen before. With each invite personalized to the guest, a photo and personal information is displayed as the guests approach the front door, allowing them to be greeted by name. Passes are read discreetly as guests walk past the scanners, allowing the host to be for warned of an impending arrival.

Adding a long range RFID tag enables visitors to be tracked around an exhibition. Detection of someone’s presence can trigger an exhibit to provide a personalized experience. Visitors can configure their profile (language, age, technical interest) at the start of the exhibition, then each time they are “seen” the system remembers them, and responds in the chosen format.  Dwell time can be recorded at specific locations to give the organisers valuable data on what’s popular.

Bring a new dimension of guest interaction to life with technology enhancements to classic games. Smart treasure hunts with live leaderboards and real time interactions that can text you the next clue once you have reached a check point, human board games with augmented reality screens so the whole event can enjoy the action. The possibilities are endless.

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