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European Open 2019

In October 2019 we were privileged to work with the European Open in Antwerp, Belgium on their ATP 250 tennis tournament. Held in the Lotto Arena in Antwerp, the European Open is part of ATP World Tour and is the largest and only tennis tournament of this level in Belgium.

During the lead up to the event. RFIDentikit produced an accreditation portal for applicants to submit their pass requests for the event. We worked with the European Open’s branding team to create a front-facing portal that fully matched the design of the tournament, keeping it consistent with brand guidelines.

As the applications came in the accreditation team used AllowME to accept and manage the pass applications in the system. The easy to use Accept and Reject buttons made it easy for them to process large numbers of applications quickly.

All passes had specific zones and dates that were either chosen or given during the application process before being printed on to cards. AllowME’s blank-canvas design engine, combined with powerful data transformation tools used automation to generate secure and informative accreditation that contained all the information required for visual checks around the arena.

The barcodes printed on the cards were scanned using handheld scanners running the ScanME software that interrogated the barcode against the AllowME database to ensure that the card was valid and had the relevant access to the zone the user was trying to access. Barcode scanning was also used to access the onsite catering by checking the details of the card against AllowME to see if catering was allowed for that person at that meal.

AllowME was also used to issue and print parking passes for all crew, media and staff that could then be logged automatically against the person that applied for it. VIP parking was also handled through the system and each approved applicant received an email that allowed them to print their parking pass at home. The QR code on the parking pass ensured that each pass was valid in the system before being allowed to park.


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