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For specific issues with AllowME, please see the Help menu within the program.

RFIDentikit specialises in, and is at the forefront of, RFID technology; with a key focus on event identity and tracking solutions. Our knowledgeable and friendly team will work with you from initial concept through to delivery, drawing on vast experience to ensure all your requirements are fulfilled.

Using our in house accreditation management application, AllowMe, you can now centralise all of your credentialing in to one cloud based system. With a fully customisable set of parameters and user friendly interface, the process of collecting requests through to issuing passes is tailored to your needs.  Intuitive work flow allows  background checks and verification of regularity data to be woven into the pass approval process, allowing all departments to work from one central system.

Using an invite only or open registration portal, us AllowMe to invite media organisations or individuals to manage their own applications for your event. Collect on site requirements for each attendee, and verify their authenticity with uploaded references. Issue season and tournament passes from once central system, and implement limits per event and publication.

RFIDentikit brings a fresh approach to conference registration management. With fully customisable responsive web forms, automated email and a vast range of reporting options, AllowMe is a flexible attendance management platform that gives the event organiser the tools to confidently present targeted invitations to all guests, allowing the user journey to be matched to the guest.

Record attendance in the most efficient and up to date way with RFID enabled badges. Dispose of signing in sheets, and use RFIDentikit’s ScanMe scanning solution to accurately confirm attendance of delegates and guest with date and time stamps, dwell time and location information throughout your event. Discrete scanning gives and live reports provide real-time data  to show arrived vs expected, seminar attendance, and extra event take up.

The New General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) apply to all organizations processing data and RFIDentikit acknowledge our role in ensuring compliance. AllowMe includes built in tools to help you comply. Opt in consent forms with registered users, life span settings for personal data, and report generation to satisfy the ICO’s needs are all held within the software. Allowing you to have a practical approach to GDPR, not just a box ticking exercise.

Integrated with the leading asset management software solutions, upgrading asset tagging to RFID opens up a new level of features. Used by the world’s leading manufactures and logistics companies. RFID tracking enables faster, more efficient detection of assets, even without opening the box! RFIDentikit specializes in the events and entertainment rental world, supplying bespoke API interfaces as well as tags and a range of rugged scanning solutions.

Upgrade your access control using intelligent pass sheets. With Scanners being able to read the RFID passes from up to 10ft away and results being displayed on a tablet, peoples specific access rights are displayed automatically giving the security team a clear yes or no every time. Including an RFID chip in the pass, and a photograph of the pass holder in the system prevents people from sharing passes and eliminates fakes, ensuring that your event pass system is the most secure.

Bring the latest technology to your events. Using the proximity detection of RFIDentikit’s scanning system, personalised experiences and responses can be triggered by someone walking into a space. Reward based interactions can bring new excitement to brand interactions, and help drive social media engagements. Collect valuable data on visits and dwell time to quantify ROI and build a better profile of you customer demographic.

Addressing the FDA’s regulations on the use of digital systems in the medical industry. Our Part 11 solution provides the tools for Pharmaceutical conference organisers to comply while using technology to record attendance of compulsory seminars. Our system plug in and tailored operational procedures provide a practical approach to compliance without overly complicating the user experience.

Superior buying power allows us to supply a vast range if RFID and non RFID badges and wristbands at a competitive price. Prioritizing quality, products are shipped any where in the world from our partners in China. We also keep a rental inventory of Large format printers. Samples and pricing upon request.

Long range accreditation scanning has always been at the core of our services. Using the latest RFID technology, we lead the way in supplying access control system where the pass holder and the security operative do not have to interact. Our quick deployment system can be added to any environment without need for additional infrastructure.

The combination of AllowME and ScanME provides a comprehensive data collection and reporting platform to give your team the tools to go back and investigate who has been exposed to an potentially infected person. Built in functions enable management to communicate quickly with all concerned, and provide the confidence to workers and participants that health and safety is being activity put at the top of everyones agenda.

How it works

At the heart of the system is RFIDentikit, a custom app based on a robust industry standard database platform. This, combined with high frequency RFID chips, gives a reliable identification system that can be set up in moments, but operates, maintenance free, for days.

Using our customizable registration app or linking to a clients existing system, delegates, guests, and contractors information is captured, along with a variety of associated data.
Each person in the system has a unique RFID tag assigned to them. This will act as their personal ID throughout your event.
Each client or contractor is afforded unique status within your event, whether it’s access to a seminar, a meal, or interaction with a brand or event.
Flexible equipment working with a variety of network connectivity, that can be ruggedised for the harshest of conditions or stylized for the slickest of events.
Use the detection of a valid chip to trigger external events, register preference, or interact with social media.

With options to read chips at long range or on contact, discretion can be prioritised, allowing your guests and staff to enjoy your event without letting technology get in the way.

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