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Hawaii Tennis Open 2019

In December 2019, RFIDentikit worked with the Hawaii Open Tennis to provide accreditation services for the 3-day event at the Stan Sheriff Center in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii.

AllowME was used to collect the applications of all volunteers, Ball Kids, VIP, Media, Staff, Charity and Sponsors through the customised online registration portal. The accreditation team then approved and rejected passes, while giving them dates and access zones. The blank-canvas print engine of AllowME allowed them to print the passes using their own printers.

Although the event was quite small with only a few hundred accredited people, we had to overcome several technical and social problems to ensure that things ran smoothly.

With a 10-hour time difference between London and Hawaii it proved challenging for both teams to keep in contact and for us to still be able to provide a high level of support.

We made sure that self-support tools such as the online AllowME manual was accessible, compressive and full of event specific articles so that there was no hold-up with getting things done at the event when it was the middle of the night in the UK.

The large distance between the UK and Hawaii posed several technical challenges which saw us host the software at a datacentre in Oregon and take advantage of one of their new high-speed fibre connections to Hawaii. In addition to moving the data closer to the event we completed a range of software updates and optimisations in-house, to help speed up AllowME and help reduce any delays caused by the physical distance and number of switches the data needed to travel through.


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