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For specific issues with AllowME, please see the Help menu within the program.

Our clients


SailGP Sydney 2020

SailGP opened their inaugural event of the 2020 season in Sydney, Australia in February. RFIDentikit was in attendance providing the…

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ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament 2020

During February 2020, RFIDentikit had the pleasure of working with the team at the ABN AMRO world Tennis Tournament at…

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European Open 2019

In October 2019 we were privileged to work with the European Open in Antwerp, Belgium on their ATP 250 tennis…

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EPCR 2018, 2019

In 2018 RFIDentikit started working with the European Professional Club Rugby in providing them with AllowME to manage their accreditation…

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European Tour DP World Tour Championship, Dubai 2019

The end of the 2019 The Race to Dubai tour season concluded in November at the Jumeirah Golf Estates in…

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MTV Worldstage Seville 2019

Happening at the same time as the MTV EMA Awards, the MTV Worldstage 2019 event delivered an outstanding outdoor concert…

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MTV EMA Awards Seville 2019

Set at the beautiful FIBES exhibition centre in Seville the EMA Awards ceremony brought together artists and performers from around…

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Hawaii Tennis Open 2019

In December 2019, RFIDentikit worked with the Hawaii Open Tennis to provide accreditation services for the 3-day event at the…

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How it works

At the heart of the system is AllowMe and ScanMe, a custom suite of apps based on a robust industry standard database platform. This, combined with high frequency RFID chips, gives a reliable identification system that can be set up in moments, but operates, maintenance free, for days.

Using our customizable registration app or linking to a clients existing system, delegates, guests, and contractors information is captured, along with a variety of associated data.
Each person in the system has a unique RFID tag assigned to them. This will act as their personal ID throughout your event.
Each client or contractor is afforded unique status within your event, whether it’s access to a seminar, a meal, or interaction with a brand or event.
Flexible equipment working with a variety of network connectivity, that can be ruggedised for the harshest of conditions or stylized for the slickest of events.
Use the detection of a valid chip to trigger external events, register preference, or interact with social media.

With options to read chips at long range or on contact, discretion can be prioritised, allowing your guests and staff to enjoy your event without letting technology get in the way.

Where can it be applied?

Any situation which has a gathering of known people in a temporary location can benefit from the addition of a system from RFIDentikit. Sports, Music, Conferences and Parties. Our system is completely configurable to put you back in control of your data, so you can manage your event with confidence and ease.

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