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MTV EMA Awards Seville 2019

Set at the beautiful FIBES exhibition centre in Seville the EMA Awards ceremony brought together artists and performers from around the world for this live, televised ceremony hosted by Becky G. This is the second year that RFIDentikit has worked with MTV to provide accreditation and RFID scanning solutions for the EMA Awards show.

AllowME was used to construct a branded online registration portal for contractors, MTV staff and third-party contractors to apply for passes to work at the event during the build, break and the show itself. Crew bosses, talent managers and individuals were invited to choose the dates, zones and catering requirements that they required for the duration of the event, these details were then stored in the AllowME system for the accreditation team to process and print on site.

Once an application had been approved, the pass was printed and the unique RFID number stored against the person record on the system, binding that pass to that person.

Almost 40 handheld RFID scanners and 10 long range scanners were deployed across the site, creating check points to certain rooms, stage areas and office spaces. Artist areas such as the dressing rooms and artist catering were also protected by RFID checkpoints. Throughout rehearsals we could remotely change the access levels required on certain scanners creating closed sets when required. Using our unique profile-based scanning system we could quickly change what a scanner was looking and reporting for and redeploy it elsewhere, with no recoding or complicated setup required.

Catering stations allowed crew members that applied for catering online to scan for meals at crew catering. The simple system turns a light red or green and plays a sound if the person is eligible to eat. The tablet screen shows the faces and company information of the people that scan making it easy for the operator to see who has been denied. Once scanned a live count is generated and can be shared with administrators and catering staff through a web browser on a phone, tablet or computer.


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