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SailGP Sydney 2020

SailGP opened their inaugural event of the 2020 season in Sydney, Australia in February. RFIDentikit was in attendance providing the accreditation management and the onsite access control system.

Just like during the 2019 season RFIDentikit designed and built a custom accreditation portal for applicants to request accreditation for the events and the season.

Our custom print design engine took all the information collected during the application process as well as the access zones, dates and entitlements that were set by the accreditation staff for each applicant and created a secure print design to be printed on location with our printers.

The physical RFID card was then encoded to the digital profile of the person on the AllowME accreditation system. Making changes to someone’s access level on AllowME would then be filtered to all the catering and access control scanners in real time making adding/removing zones or dates easy and quick.

This year we saw the introduction of a custom designed friction clip that held the card on to the lanyard. Not only did this metal clip look good it served several additional security benefits.

Our catering scanner was deployed in staff meal areas to enable card holders to scan their passes to collect food. This gave the event organisers and catering staff accurate numbers on how many plates have been taken.

For this event an additional portal was produced to collect waiver information from guests that would be accessing certain areas. Once registration information had been collected the attendee received and email with a link to complete the waiver document on the portal. This was to ensure that the relevant health and safety steps had been completed to allow people into potentially sensitive and in some cases dangerous areas. Our auxiliary record system made this easy to collect this information and give staff what they needed to authorise accreditation for these people.

Our ScanME RFID solution helps with the difficulties that arise by hosting an event in a shared space. The easy to redeploy long range and handheld scanners make it easy to maneuverer if entrance position change at short notice. Secure RFID scanning is useful to distinguish staff at the event from members of the yacht club and their guests keeping restricted spaces secure.


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