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    and Access solutions

    Streamline your event with a seriously powerful data management tool for events of all sizes. Accreditation and Access control services provide a real increase in security effectiveness and efficiency of your safer event’s management.

    One System - Infinite Possibilities

    One System

    RFIDentikit specialise in reducing the number of third-party software systems needed to run your event - we replace them with our event accreditation and events management software. This means, alongside accreditation, you can manage transportation, catering, accommodation, VIPs, volunteers, members of the media, vendors, cashless payments, service and asset booking, contracts, certificates, payments, insurance as so much more all through one powerful, feature rich portal. We also supply laminates, wristbands and all other access control media.


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    Key Features


    The gold standard in rfid accreditation for events reducing your workload overhead and significantly improving efficiency and event safety.

    Access Control

    Secure your events key areas and remove the risk of using local security contracts - our system makes the entry decision and clearly conveys this to the user.


    Whether you need someone to manage your accreditation process or to man the desk, we have a team of certified people ready to help.

    Live Dashboarding

    Take control of the security of your event while enhancing your command center with our custom dashboards. Monitor capacity against space allocation.

    Hotel Booking

    Collect hotel requirements to streamline the blocking and booking process for accommodation at your event.


    Assign vehicles, drivers and passengers to your fleet, keeping everyone notified along the way. Booking transportation becomes a breeze with this module.


    Reaching out to people is simple with RFIDentikit. Whether based on a workflow, a physical location or interaction, or even manually based on any criteria, you can be sure that we have a communication channel for you.

    Real Security

    Unlike other suppliers, we use modern technology to ensure that counterfeit badge worries are a thing of the past. Our tri-factor verification system ensures that pass hand off concerns are drastically reduced.

    VIP/Artist Management

    Your talent often require a different touch from media and contractors. Our custom workflow management ensures that all of your communications have the right tone and weight.

    Workflow Management

    Our custom workflow engine is the heart of the platform, streamlining your current process and identifying areas for optimisation and automation.

    Catering Management

    Allocate single or multiple meal allowance to each pass to allow and track catering to ensure accurate costs. No more plate counts for you!


    Our custom-built, event specific web portals allow for quick production of a purpose driven websites to facilitate application, enforce compliance and provide information. Our portals are the interactive link between the event and its attendees, staff and contractors.

    API Connection

    Need to connect your data to a third party. We have you covered with our dynamic API engine.

    Covid Testing Management

    Effective covid compliance management as part of the access control functionality.

    Point Of Sale and Token Integration

    Need to give your attendees credit or tokens to buy lunch or get merchandise. RFIDentikit have you covered with our sophisticated POS system.

    And Much More!

    We offer a lot more benefits to why you should use us! Give us a contact to discuss more about what we can offer you.

    Case Studies

    ATP World Tour
    RFIDentikit were part of the ATP WTF at the O2 for many years; providing accreditation management solutions and on-site security scanning. More recently we deployed solutions to handle crew and media catering, allowing the accreditation RFID badges to act as an authentication method to access their food and bar allowance. Our custom transportation system allowed attendees to scan on and off boats providing real time tracking to transportation managers...
    Royal International Air Tattoo
    Working with SEP Event Services, we were invited to integrate with their Traffic Management and Accreditation System, to provide a sophisticated meal scanning system for the 13,000+ workers supporting the 3 day public show of the latest technology and iconic air machines from around the world. The project was lead by the Royal Air Force Charitable Trust Enterprise. This project evolved quickly with our platform AllowMe being used at the central control method for...
    MTV Events
    MTV EMA Awards
    RFIDentikit have worked with MTV at their EMA awards for many years. Providing accreditation, access control to start with revolutionised their security. As with many of our projects, this evolved into us directing their catering management, Health and Safety compliance, COVID compliance and much more. We are now providing Red Carpet Tracking of talent with live dashboards for management and security as well as...
    RFIDentikit were invited to take part in the Americas Cup world series, with the climactic finals in beautiful Bermuda. Our team toured with the event around the world culminating with a 7 week stay by the Great Sound. We provided our Gold Standard accreditation and scanning systems to their operations throughout the tour with the main brief to work with title sponsor Louis Vuitton and produce an online registration Portal where Sponsors could easily input their invited guest names into a single form. The site required a large number of scanning points...