Event Management Features

Have a look at some of our most used features. These are by no means all we do but should give an idea of the extensive range of possibilities with our amazing events management system.


One stop shop for everything credentials/badging and managing where people can go and what services they have access to.  Automatically generate pass designs and print them live on site - or in bulk in advance and keep track of when they are collected.

Access Control

Need real time control over who can go where? In combination with accreditation, our access control hardware ensures that your security are empowered to make the right decisions and your attendees cant enter restricted areas.

Automated Report Generation

Need hourly figures from your event 24 hours per day but don’t want to have to manually generate them? Our reports are scheduled and sent to you automatically ticking another box in your stress free, automated event management day with RFIDentikit.

Attendance Reporting

Do you require an attendance tracker for compliance? Our system can easily provide live information of how many people have been on site on any given day.  We can also produce heat maps showing the busiest times and entrances.


Have a favoured software you already work with and require a system that utilises this already? We can create a custom API that will work with your data to maximise integration and minimise disruption to your existing workflow.

Command Centre

Our dedicated and customisable live command centre dashboard provides high level statistics of activities on your site. See attendance counts, flow rates as well as busiest entrances and people who are trying to go where they shouldnt.

Crew Boss Applications

Need to give access to a crew boss or company admin to make applications for an entire crew?  With our platform we allow crew bosses to make the entire application, or just start one requiring the individual to log in, complete a H&S questionnaire and confirm their details.  The crew boss is updated with all activity and is responsible for ensuring applications are completed.

Chargable Services - Stringing

Charging services back at the end of your event or when paying out prize money.  Stringing has you covered.  Keep every department aligned by showing the usage data to the user, the management and the finance team at the same time.  Made for Tennis, used globally.

Custom Workflow Automation

Because of the intricacy and power of allow.me, you will find yourself using it more and more. We can go a step further and create custom actions that combine multiple steps into one, allowing you to speed through your tasks in one click.


Up to the minute scanning reports at meal times. Insights into stock numbers, busy periods, even which station is most frequented. Control scanning times for individual groups, allow runners to scan for multiple meals collecting on behalf of others, refuse repeat scans and take control of your catering spend.

COVID Management

We created a custom COVID management tool that contained a multi step health check, scannable sample tracking, scheduled testing reminders, automated results processes (negative/positive/re-test), and a restricted health data interface for a health professional to monitor.

Capacity Counts

Utilising the power of the collected data, we have separate apps that provide live scanning numbers, per group or department, and where they scanned allowing us to tell you how many people are in a room at any time.


We have a compliment of live dashboarding tools to show you important metrics of your event. We can show you how many people have scanned in each zone; how many unique people have been in an area or how many meals have been collected by session in real time.  If you need to see it, we have a dashboard for it.


Document Collection

Need to facilitate suppliers logging their event documents automatically? Or maybe you want to ensure the media can provide evidence of their request? This is easily requested and managed through our events management platform.


Send out E-Tickets to your guests from our events management system, containing important event information and scannable QR or barcodes that can be scanned with our scanners, providing a simple alternative to RFID cards. Still retain the flexibility to deny any E-ticket on scan at anytime.

Flow Rates

Every event would benefit from knowing the flow of traffic through their gates or important areas. Our access control hardware combined with the power of our reporting engine allow for automated alerts to be generated when flows reach a certain level.  As with everything in our system, the specifics are chosen by you.  Whether it be people per hour, cars per minute or anything else, we put you in control.

GDPR Compliance

All data needs to be secured.  Regardless of geographic location or local regulations, our data security modules ensure that you and your users know where their data is and know that it will be kept safe.  Our events management system automates concent requests and ensure that all of your guests know why their data has been collected and what it is to be used for.

Health & Safety Portals

Health and safety is paramount to any event, and we can build a dedicated portal to manage this. Prevent anyone scanning on site without completing the necessary steps to ensure a safe working environment.

Hotel Booking Management

Let us take the stress out of managing multiple guests with specific requirements, using our tried and tested automation to enable booking requests. We connect with hotels' individual systems via an API, and then let guests know automatically once their booking is confirmed.  Our events management system has many ways that we can help you manage accomodation and all of them reduce the need for manual data management.

Interactive Reporting

Ever created a report and then needed to take action against all of the people in that report? That’s exactly what our interactive reports are for.  Run custom automation against thousands of people at once automatically moving them out of the list once action has been taken.

Live Access Changes

Events are dynamic – and so is our system.  When changing access for a user, group, organisation or everyone, all of our scanners ingest and respect the new access levels in near real time across the whole event site ensuring that no matter what happens, you can be confident that your access control system will manage it.  Need to get information about a person to all of your security points at once? We can show messages on the screen when a person of interest scans their badge at any point all controlled centrally through the management application.

Multiple Meal Collection For Runners

Events can be on-the-go the whole time. If your staff can't get away, our events management system can facilitate a runner being permitted to collect several meals, or for their whole team.  Whether the system collects a number of meals or the names of the people whose meals are being collected, you will be sure that your catering counts are accurate.

Offline Mode

Run an event before that has had a power or internet outage bringing the whole site to its knees. That is the last thing you want from your security system which is why we have a fully offline mode that ensures that all of your sensitive areas remain secure event when the worst happens.

One Click Reporting

We can easily create custom reports of any data stored within allow.me that you can simply click once to pull up to the minute information whenever you need.

Ordering (Food or Services)

Need your attendees to be able to request certain services or book the use of machinary.  In our events management system this is controlled automatically ensuring that no double booking occurs and users are reminded by text message when their time is running out.


Need to load credit ontro credentials so that your guests can spend without cash?  Look no further!  Whether this be a festival for bars and food trucks or your VIP restraunts, our POS module in our events management system has that covered.

Payment Processing

Need to take payments for services or products through your web portal?  Our web portal offers a seamless payment experience, allowing users to conveniently make payments through various secure methods. Combined with our automation we can update a guests access as soon as a payment is made.

Print At Home Accreditation

Not all passes need to be printed on-site and worn on a lanyard, you might have parking passes, temporary access permits and upgrade passes that can be printed at home or viewed on a mobile device. Using our blank canvas pass design engine we can generate brand-aware print at home PDFs. These passes give access to all of the same features that any of our other access control media does and can be used with all of our other modules.

Physical Queue Management

Need to manage a large queue?  Dont know how to calculate queue length and wait times?  OUr event management system will do all of the heavy lifting for you, even showing the wait times on screens that can be positioned in you

Payment Tokens

Need to allow your volunteers to collect their uniform from the merch store or give someone the ability to collect a packed lunch from your caterers?  Our system can load a one use token onto an account that can be redeemed at any vendors you choose on site.  This could be once per event, per week, per day...  Our events management system gives you the flexibility to choose.

Parking Management

Our event management system has separate vehicle passes which can be scanned and tracked at the event the same as people. Allow parking for certain vehicles on certain days, and in particular locations.  We can even automate the assigning of parking or tell your parking attendants when the car park is full.

RFID Event Passes

We provide badges to our events.  Whether these be credit card sized, larger format or event paper prints we have you covered.  We can help deisign the pass and have them shipped right to you.  Whether you want RFID or not, you wont find better quality anywhere!

RFID Wristbands

With the same functionality as the RFID enabled badges, our wristbands come in several different formats.  Whether you are looking for a festival style or something a little less premium you will get the same service from us.  Design assistance and shipping right to your door.

Registration Management

When running events that need people to register their interest or allow you to collect their data - whether this be staff, VIPS, Media or paying guests, we create beautiful portals that automate this entire process collecting far more than just text.  Our event management system combined with accreditation make running data collection a breeze.

Red Carpet Tracking

Need additional assurance to the location of your VIPs on a red-carpet event?  We track your VIPs as they make their way from the dressing rooms to the red carpet and back to the green room showing the data on a dashboard.  You will know where all of your important people are at all times and will be able to ensure that your schedule is running to time.

SFTP Files

If you need your reports to be sent to a server then we have you covered.  Need to ingest them into Power BI or data analytics software, then you can count on us to automate report generated and transfer on your schedule.

Signed For By...

Need to know who has collected the passes for a certain organisation?  Our events management system can request a signature, picture or copy of an ID of every person that collects one or many badges from accreditation.


The logistics of an event can be large and intricate. Utilising an events management system like ours can take much of the legwork out of it for you. Specify how many people, times and dates, locations, additional information such as how much luggage, accessibility needs, if the guest requires a child's car seat, and so much more.  Use the automation engine to assign cars and drivers and update the booker when a car has been assigned.

Sponsor Data Sharing

Our events management system makes it easy to collect data from your attendees. Rather than the old-fashioned business card swap, with a tap of a badge we can provide a lot more data about an individual to the sponsor. Combined with our self-serviced kiosks, we can provide all the standard fan engagement features as well as the signing of terms and conditions, waivers, and other types of forms. Our event management platform can automate the sharing of this data to your sponsors allowing you to leverage better financial deals.

Treasure Hunts

Want to get more visitors into certain areas of your event in a fun way? We use our scanning hardware in combination with a credential to drive your guests towards areas of your choice, rewarding them at the end. Imagine how powerful this could be for increasing spend at your events.

Text Messaging

Want to know precisely when a certain VIP arrives on site but don't have time to wait at the entrance/multiple entrances? Receive a text direct to your phone as soon as they scan on site.

Talent Management

Easily assign an individual to manage one or many talent groups throughout the application stage. Talent managers can complete all relevant forms for each of the groups, submit pass requests and manage applications from start to finish.  They can also be alerted to the location of the talent when they arrive on site.

Third Party Authority Checks

Working with secure events, background checks are potentially required for all guests. Easily connect with an approved third party to share and manage data.  Once the third party approves an application our events management system triggers and automation workflow to update the pass in real time.

Virtual Business Cards

Use our RFID cards and scanners to enable guests to simply scan their badge and receive an email with a business' information.  Alternatively, guests can scan their credential at a trade stand, request more information and be added to a mailing list in one tap.

Volunteer Management

Will you potentially have thousands of volunteers you need to efficiently schedule their shifts and manage them all in one place? Want to provide online training, track their progress, send out scheduled reminders and shift information? All easily done within our events management system.

Virtual Queuing

Finding your long queues hard to manage?  People not showing up at the right time for a book signing?  Our virtual queuing system ensures that your guests know when they are at the front of the queue with a text message. You can then track them in the system to know where they are and alert them automatically if they have missed their slot.

VIP Management

Want to make people feel important or add the wow factor when your guests arrive?  We have everything you could need to add that VIP edge whilst still using the accdreditation and access control functionality. We keep your VIPs where they need to be but in the nicest possible way.

Word Wall

Want to introduce your VIPs to the room in style.  With our wordwall you can do just that.  Anouncing who has entered the room on a large screen so that everybody knows your name.