Access Control

Access Control

RFIDentikit have extensive onsite experience providing secure access control scanning at events around the world. We’ve implemented systems from simply controlling general access to an event space, to multi-layered, group controlled access across 50+ zones with up to the minute control. Our systems provide the flexibility and control to cater for everything from simple scanning of a pass that goes green or red, to individual specific access based on a time, date and an area, and also a particular entrance to a room or zone.


We know that pre-planning for all eventualities is key when managing a site – however things change, and the system you use needs to be able to support you efficiently with these changes. RFIDentikit use cloud-based infrastructure, allowing for fast changes in access requirements that can be amended from anywhere in the world with near real time updates being pushed seamlessly across your sites.


Prior to the start of scanning, we replicate your data to the scanners themselves. Not only does this make sure that scan results are quick, but it has the added benefit of allowing the devices to work in an offline mode only reaching out to the internet to get updates and send its results. The scanners can work in this way indefinitely – when the internet connection is restored, they automatically switch back to online mode, getting updates and sending results immediately.


Our custom scanners work with RFID, QR codes and Barcode scanning interchangeably with ease – you can use all these technologies at your event with the same hardware from us giving you added flexibility to control access in whatever way is most suited to that control point.


Our passes are extremely high quality and near impossible to replicate. Many of our clients use our access control system to prevent counterfeit badges from gaining entry to their sites and are often amazed at how big a problem this is for events of all sizes.


We know that a very real issue with many events, especially in venues such as stadia are the often poorly trained security staff that sit by the doors challenging credentials as they enter. We also know, as we have done more than our fair share of testing, that it is often possible for people to talk their way into an event, getting past security almost unchallenged. These types of social engineering attacks are exactly what RFIDentikit’s systems are there to prevent.


Not only do we have staff on site to train and consult with the security companies representing the event, but our hardware gives a very simple yes or no answer to whether a person may be granted access to an area.


The only way that the result on the screen can be changed from a “No” to a “Yes” is through interaction with the accreditation team. They can amend a person’s access ang get them on their way in almost real time. The key here is that the only way to change that result, it by speaking with accreditation…and that’s how you should want it to be.


Some of out hardware is actually designed so that your attendees have less interaction with security – a more passive approach. Our Long Range Scanners allow are often used in VIP/Green room zones and talent areas scanning a guest from a distance. These guests can be greeted by name if appropriate and staff will know from range whether the approaching person is allowed to pass into the next area or not – we find that this significantly reduces confrontation with security.


If a closer inspection at checkpoints is preferred, our handheld scanners ensure a one-to-one check as scanning is done at close range, and individually. A great use for these scanners is at bag search areas or at staff entry points.


Our third option is a stand alone tap station. This type of device is great for self service scanning or queue management. Clocking staff in and out or managing catering lines are great applications for this device. The lights on the top combined with a scan response sound allow for security oversight from distance if required and makes managing several devices at once simple.


Our scanning links in with lots of automation in the software so as guests scan at certain areas or zones and at particular times, we can automate notifications to individuals such as text messages, emails or in system messages. We can create automated reports to be run from the scan data, and sent out on a regular schedule, so no matter how busy you are or even where you are on site, you can easily access the information to help you do what you need to.


One good use for this automation is VIP management. We have used this feature to alert a VIP management team of the location of certain people as they move around the site. Every scanner that they interact with would send a text message to a team of people helping them plan for arrival and locate the VIP anywhere on site.


As well as our in-depth regular scanning capabilities, RFIDentikit systems provide so much more. We can create custom rules for repeated scanning such as aggregating scans by the same person in quick succession, one-time entry, custom scan result messages for security (including in different languages), as well as how often scanning is synced with the database. Our scanners enable seamless re-entry (or not if required), virtual queues, credit storage and spending via the same access card for a cashless onsite system.


A particularly important example of the use case of long-range scanning combined with the power of RFIDentikit’s event management software is for red-carpet talent tracking.


One of the most vulnerable parts of the event is when the talent are gathered en masse surrounded by members of the public, such as on the red carpet.


Our team developed a tracking system with the ability to provide the producers with up-to-the minute location information on the location of particular VIPs along their route from the green room to the transport, along the red carpet, back into the transport and finally returning to the back of house area near the stage. This live dashboard of individuals movements using our scanners and software, was a keep part of this clients risk management of that portion of the event and has been used time and time again at all of their events.


Through our experience, there’s very few situations we haven’t already come across and developed a solution for, and if we ever come across a new challenge, we move fast – configuring both our software and hardware feature sets to meet the needs of the most complex of situations, live.