European Tour Golf


We have worked extensively with the European Tour for multiple tournaments over the years. Providing the AllowME platform to manage the accreditation needs of their tournament accreditation and media centre.

In addition to laminated credential printing, we have also provided print-at-home passes that sees the applicant print their own customised barcode protected gate-entry pass to be used onsite.

More recently we started providing access control scanning by deploying handheld scanners to read the barcodes on each pass. These person-linked barcodes were then interrogated by the AllowME database to give the security teams the information they need when granted someone entry to a specific place.

The media centre regularly made use of print at home passes giving media guests quick access to a printable PDF which includes their access to the site and parking. The dedicated media portal works independently from the regular tournament accreditation portal and collects additional information, such as specific media centre and broadcast requirements, giving the media centre team the right information prior to a guest arriving so arrangements could be made in advance.

AllowME also required the participants to sign a digital integrity statement, which ensures that they participate in games in a fair way. This information can then be generated into reports and kept on file.