Fursan Cup, Al Ula


RFIDentikit are proud to provide a comprehensive event management solution for the Fursan Cup in Al Ula, Saudi Arabia.


MMG and the Royal Commission for Al Ula, two of Saudi Arabia's leading organisations, teamed up to host the Fursan Cup, a prestigious horse racing event held in the city of Al Ula. The event attracts thousands of attendees from around the world, including VIPs and members of the royal family.


To ensure a smooth and successful event, the management requires a comprehensive accreditation management solution that would provide efficient attendee management, secure access control, and seamless catering scanning with pass printing services.


RFIDentikit, provides a range of services for the event, including:


  • Accreditation Management Solutions: Our gold standard AllowME platform allows for the efficient management of all event attendees, including staff, volunteers, VIPs, riders, support teams and media personnel. Large format RFID-enabled badges were used to grant access to various areas of the event, with real-time tracking and reporting capabilities.
  • Brand-Aware Accreditation Portal: We create a brand focussed accreditation platform that ensured multiple groups of individuals can apply and register for their accreditation quickly and efficiently. Riders can nominate their team members and provide their FEI numbers for verification.
  • RFID Access Control: Our access control solutions ensured secure access to the event for authorized personnel. Attendees were required to scan their RFID-enabled badges at various checkpoints throughout the event, ensuring that only authorized individuals were granted access.
  • Catering Scanning: Our catering scanning solutions allowed for efficient tracking and management of all food and beverage transactions at the event. RFID-enabled scanners were used to scan attendees' badges, ensuring accurate tracking of all catering services.
  • Pass Printing: Our pass printing solutions provided high-quality, custom-designed passes for all event attendees, including VIPs and members of the royal family.


Our comprehensive and customisable toolset, combined with the talent and expertise of our on-site support staff and dedicated project managers ensure that the organisers can provide a secure and efficient event experience for all attendees, with seamless accreditation management, secure access control, and efficient catering scanning and pass printing services. The RFID-enabled solutions provided real-time tracking and reporting capabilities, ensuring that the event ran smoothly and that all attendees had an enjoyable and memorable experience.