GolfSixes Fan Engagement


RFIDentikit worked with the GolfSixes tournament to deliver a fan engagement solution as part of their 3 kilometre walk activity.

Deploing a number of custom-built tap kiosk stations around the course allowed participants to scan their badge at each way point. These kiosks ran our unique rfid access control system, ScanME, with a custom configured “Kiosk application” that was carefully branded and styled using the tournaments brand guidelines.

Participants tapped their badges against the scanner to receive a personalised, custom greeting and word of encouragement. This data was then logged against their profile to track their progress.

Participants needed to scan each station in order to complete the activity and the system was able to tell if a participant had missed a station and then alert them.

After event reporting gave the event organisers the tools they needed to review the data that was collected and see a breakdown of how many people scanned at which stations as well as how many people completed all 4 checkpoints.

The flexibility of ScanME’s configuration and design engine makes it possible to collect information and report it back to AllowME, create scan events and even manipulate information already stored in the system.