ITT World Championship


We were delighted to work with the International Table Tennis Federation at the World Championship in Budapest, Hungary. We provided access to our AllowME event accreditation system to enable the accreditation team to manage the access levels, catering and pass printing for staff, players, delegates, volunteers and media.

The AllowME system gave the ITTF accreditation team an easy method to manage the pass requests of each applicant giving them the tools they need to quickly add a photograph, change some dates, add meals and give access zones. These passes were then sent for approval and then printed.

At this event, due to the sheer number of teams, staff and media, catering was a large operation.


We provided an rfid access control system that allowed the operator to quickly scan passes and establish access permission. This then interrogated the database and reported back if the person was allowed catering for that meal on that day, also denying people that had already had a meal during that session.


Deploying 3 tablet scanners gave the ITTF enough capacity to process over 1,200 people in a meal session without queues and waiting times. Management were able to access the catering reports at the end of each session to see who had eaten and get a good idea of catering numbers, allowing the ITTF to be proactive with meal ordering with the catering company.