Alongside providing services for the Championships at Queens Club, London, we also provide the AllowME accreditation system for the Classic (Birmingham), Open (Nottingham), and International (Eastbourne).

Having four different events operated by the same body (LTA), gives us the opportunity to offer one instance of AllowME utilising the multi event site function, a core part of the system. This feature means all the events contribute to the same database, share data, and use the one front facing portal. This also assists the front-end user; rather than having a profile for each LTA tournament they wish to attend; they now have a single LTA profile. With this they can apply for all tournaments. This comes into its own for cross tournament contractors, suppliers, players, and officials.

The portal is designed in a way to ensure that the automation and user experience is smooth and simple. Contractors applying to one venue are already in the system when moving on to the second, thus vastly speeding up the user’s task of applying for accreditation across sites.

Another benefit is streamlining the accreditation managers processing on site. We can see from our real time analytics of the system, that the flow of traffic is quick, and consistent. As the accreditation team process the applications they receive for each event, the applicant receives automatic, personalised emails keeping them updated to where their pass request is in the process. Once the pass has been approved, each applicant receives a further email with collection information to pick up their pass.

We use our scanners with the passes to show the activity in player areas, allowing the LTA to track activity in player restricted zones as this is the most secure region of each tournament.

Alongside the player dressing areas, we are also providing RFID scanning in the various catering areas. Individuals requiring catering can scan their pass and the predetermined access would either allow or decline this facility. A notification is provided on the tablet screen allowing catering management to monitor usage of that area. This means not having to rely on paper vouchers or plate counts.

Through configuration, AllowME is tailored to fit the multi event setup of the LTA’s schedule of tournaments. The pass types are built and only available to certain events, specific groups of people and only available to apply for between certain dates.

Over the Classic, Open and International events our system is processing and printing over 6,000 passes in addition to the 3,000 at Queens Club.

The tournament at Queen’s club also requires a system to help handle the large number of deliveries expected to arrive on site throughout the build and break stage of the event and during the actual competition. Using our delivery application and monitoring system, We ensure that the venue are informed and can plan to have the right resources available at the right time. AllowME provides this delivery schedule booking system, using the Auxiliary Record module. This allows individuals or companies to request specific delivery passes and explicitly state which days these drivers arrive on site. A hand-held scanner is then used as each driver arrives to validate their delivery permit showing what deliveries have arrived and when.