The Royal Household


RFIDentikit are the evdent accreditation system choice of many events in the Royal calendar. We work on events such as the Royal Windsor Horse as well as one off events such as the Patrons Lunch, The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration and Operation London Bridge.

The Royal Windsor Horse show

The Royal Windsor Horse Show is organised and held annually in the private grounds of Windsor Castle over 5 days in May. It is the largest outdoor event of its kind in the UK with competitors from all over the world competing over four equestrian disciplines.

We provide the event accreditation system to handle all contractors, volunteers, media, stewards, officials, and management teams. On top of this we provide an accreditation solution for Participants, which accounted for around 2000 individuals. We deploy RFID Catering Scanners on site to handle Crew & Participant meals, totalling around 2000 individuals per day.  We provide the RFID badges too.

Our Auxiliary Record system in AllowME is used to act as an initial ‘vetting’ procedure with data being passed to British Authorities to ensure that all participants are safe to attend such a prestigious event.

As per security procedures, the Royal Pass Office (RPO) require access to the specific module of AllowME to run checks on individuals applying for access to site. Dependent on which pass type, zone(s) and dates the individual was requesting, a trigger is set to determine which checks were applicable from the RPO. The accreditation request for that individual cannot be processed until the RPO had carried out the checks and cleared the individual. Once the application has been approved, the applicant receives a custom, automated email from the system. This alerts them that their pass has been approved and what the next steps are. Equally, automated emails are sent to alert applicants on rejected applications with steps to get further information into why that may be.

RFIDentikit provide a solution for Hospitality registration and entry procedures. We utilise a separate online Portal to gather guest lists from invited partners, the backend is used to manage these, and provide reporting throughout the process. In addition to this pre-event system RFIDentikit also provide a tablet-based application for hostesses to operate as guests arrive at the event. Guests are asked for their invitation which is located on the app to then ‘check-in’ the relevant individuals.

The Patron’s Lunch

The Patron’s Lunch was an event recognising the un-relenting support and service Queen Elizabeth II had given to the community over her 63-year reign.

The Mall in St James’s Park is transformed for its largest ever street party to celebrate The Queen’s patronage of over 600 charities and organisations for her 90th birthday. The majority of those present were representatives from the Patron’s Organisations.

We use our evdent accreditation software for registration through the online Portal, onsite pass production, processing, and issue all in one place. The on-site team accredits close to 5000 applicants, across 24 pass types, for the one-day spectacular.

The Patrons Lunch, due to the nature of the event, sees heightened security throughout build, break and live stages. This means the application process must be strict. AllowMe ensures the accreditation team can deal with any last-minute changes or additions and work in a methodical, simple system keeping the event safe.

The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration

The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration sees events happening both nationwide and around the world. One of the pinnacle events is the Royal Windsor Horse Show at Windsor Castle, mentioned above. Many of the processes were present across both events.

One of the major roles we play for HMQ90 is with the registration Portal and event accreditation service, provided through AllowMe. The organisers of RWHS can use the same procedures in place for the Horse Show to process requests for HMQ90 access. They can tailor what registrants saw and what they are able to apply for.

Those involved in purely the Queen’s Celebrations are directed through its own portal, with the same vetting procedures in place, but the outcome of what the applicant could request being very different. The flexibility of the system allowed for a specific HMQ90 zone to be introduced that is available across multiple pass types and thus multiple event sites (RWHS & HMQ90). This makes it simple for existing on-site contractors for RWHS to gain access to HMQ90 specific areas, but at the same time ensured restriction of HMQ90 only contractors to areas of RWHS.

Operation London Bridge

We were asked to provide the event accreditation platform suitable for collecting personnel data at the occasion of Her Majesty’s passing. This platform using the AllowMe system also allowed all applicants to complete Health and Safety requirements before collecting accreditation on site.

The AllowMe system was used to process around 4500 personnel involved in the proceedings, allowing them to be given accreditation when they arrived at the site at which they were required.