The Ryder Cup


We were honoured to work with the European Tour team at the Ryder Cup hosted at the beautiful Le Golf National course in Paris, France.

During the lead up to the event we carefully created a series of registration portals for contractors and guests to apply for event accreditation. We made sure that the style, look and feel of the web portals matched the precise brand guidelines of the tournament to ensure consistency with their other web resources. The journey for the applicant was meticulously built to ensure that the most relevant information was collected, based on the organisation they were applying from, the groups they were in and the type of pass the applicant required.

Due to the highly secure nature of the event applicants were required to be vetted by national police before they were given any accreditation, this was easy in AllowME, our gold standard event accreditation software, allowing ID information to be collected prior to the application being approved, which was then sent to the authorities for verification, alerting accreditation managers if there were any red flags.

Once applications had been approved, the data stored in AllowME was used to render the individual passes for each applicant. These passes contained the information required by the security teams and organisers as well as a range of security features to help against forgeries. AllowME works with any card printer without modification and makes printing easy and effortless, by printing either one at a time or in bulk. The printed passes where then digitally assigned to the corresponding person in AllowME, making them suitable for onsite scanning and verification around the venue.

The accreditation software was configured to enable people to request parking and vehicle permits during the application stage, that was then offered as a scannable print-at-home document, generated and emailed to the recipient when the attached pass had been approved.

The sheer size of the venue, with checkpoint zones large distances apart posed many logistical challenges. Because of this, this event saw us hit a milestone for the company, with us deploy over 40 hand-held scanners at a single event.

Our long-range scanning solutions allowed us to provide contact-free entry points that enabled each pass to be verified with the access level checked from a distance as attendees walked by. These mobile scanners could be moved and repositioned easily without any hassle. Being able to scan free-flow traffic was ideal at the Ryder Cup to deal with the sheer volume of people moving around the site, meaning the security personnel only needed to challenge people who did not have the correct access level.

Our brand-new POS module enabled AllowME to integrate with existing POS systems and act as a payment source when a badge was scanned. This transaction record enables caterers and food merchants to bill back various departments or organisations throughout the event, giving detailed logs of who had a meal and when.

Crew catering made use of our RFID catering system, enabling staff to scan their badges for food entitlements at either of the two locations. Once scanned, the system interrogated AllowME to see if that individual had access to food during that session, if they did, then AllowME recorded that the meal had been taken making it easy for catering numbers to be collected in real-time.

AllowME’s comprehensive after-event reporting system made it easy for management to run custom reports on the data stored and collected throughout the event. Easy to view Excel and PDF documents were created to show who applied for passes, who scanned where, catering numbers or just about anything else. Live dashboards were also configured to allow management to see live scan results of certain locations in real-time over a secure connection.