The UFC hold many events per year all over the world.  The size and frequency of their events introduces a challenge to the support of their events.


Providing a custom event accreditation system with registration, event management and scanning solutions to Staff, Venue Staff, Media, Commission and several other groups would be a complex challenge for many organisations.


RFIDentikit has been built with flexibility and customisation at the heart of everything that we do.

With the introduction of AllowMe, applicants applied for accreditation on our AllowME event accreditation software either individually or through organisational administrators. The accreditation team then use the approval workflow to determine access levels.

This was a complete redesign of their processes, streamlining what was a very manual and rigid process into a flexible and dynamic application journey with the important metric of saving a significant amount of time and resources.

When we started working with the UFC, their passes were paper backed, with separate named stickers, laminated taking a lot of time and effort from a lot of people to complete the process.  Occasionally, it would not be possible to create last minute passes when the event was live as the resources were not available.  Wristbands would then be used to fill the gaps.

When we implemented our credit card pass designs using UFC branding, it allowed the fast production of credentials both preshow and onsite removing the burden of the old method of pass production.  It also ensured that no matter how late in the day a request was put through, it could be processed and printed in less than 30 seconds removing the need for wristbands and further increasing the security efficiency of the event.

While working with the UFC we have successfully prevented the use of many counterfeit badges that used to blight their events. The event sites made use of both long-range scanning and hand-held checkpoint stations, securing the venue and empowering staff to identify fraudulent entry attempts and take the appropriate action.