Event Accreditation Software


RFIDentikit provide the gold standard of event accreditation systems, all-in-one event management software and rfid event solutions using over 10 years of experience worldwide through a variety of different markets and with some world beating clients.


Specialising in efficiency through automation, you can say goodbye to excel sheets and manual emailing, instead welcoming a streamlined application process, all the way through to approval and badge printing.


With RFIDentikit’s online event registration software, data is collected through custom configured, easy to use, responsive portals, designed around your branding. The information that we can collect doesn’t just focus on typed data, we extend this to also collecting documents (like insurance info for your vendors) or photographs of people or objects, like IDs. We can even use our advanced form builder to create workflows around health and safety compliance, requiring users complete tests or ensure mandatory GDPR compliance, or other safety requirements. Each of these pieces of data will fall into either a stand-alone or a combined data management workflow in the back end of the system. For example, approving a pass can be blocked until the insurance documentation has been approved.


As we don’t limit the number of back-end users in the system, these workflows can be separated out with certain users responsible for managing certain data. User access is granular, and we can remove even single buttons from admin accounts ensuring complete control of what activities your users can perform.


The customisable journeys ensure that the correct information is shown to the correct people and all the information that is required, is collected in respect to a person’s role at the event. The whole website look and feel can be tailored around a user’s role, with a VIP journey for your most valued guests and a very concise journey for your staff and contractors. It’s comparable to having multiple websites, one for each type of user, to keep each journey on brand.


Alongside unlimited journeys, we can also show the portals in unlimited languages – once a language is selected, all future communications a user has with the platform can also be in this language. This includes Arabic, Chinese and Cyrillic character sets.


Data management tasks can be long winded and time consuming, the more data you have, the more clicks you need – not with RFIDentikit.


Our custom actions engine allows us to include any task the system can perform into an automated workflow. If you were setting an input field’s content to a certain value based on a certain type of user, we can automate this process. We create the criteria to only select the right people, and we apply the field update to each user who meets that criteria – this becomes a one click action and can affect the whole database.


Need to do something more complicated? We have condensed 20 click actions that needed to be applied to hundreds of thousands of people into a one-click function saving massive amounts of time and giving you ultimate control over your data.


We know that even though our beautiful application portals will save you valuable amounts of time and make the experience more efficient and streamlined for your applicants, often there is data that you want to pull in from your old way of working, your existing system, or large external sources such as staffing providers. With RFIDentikit’s event management and accreditation software this is done in a flash.


Our wonderful, dedicated projects team will create custom data schemas to import large quantities of data easily into your new shiny database, providing a swift, repeatable process. This, combined with our automation workflows, means that you could take raw data CSVs, trigger the import, and automate the creation of pass requests, email communications, API requests and so much more. Using a few clicks you can import thousands of records into your database just where you need them. In the fast paced and often last-minute world of events, we are well prepared to adapt to your time critical business needs.


When it comes to printing a pass, the design will have been created by our team, using your ideas. The embellishments on the pass or zone identifiers will be automatically applied based on the access set in the system. Just like the web portals, a whole new design can be applied depending on the type of user or a person’s role at the event.


Once we have got the data in and the management is under way, data becomes a huge asset and being able to report on this data is what takes your control over the event to the next level.


RFIDentikit’s advanced reporting engine gives you complete power over your data.


We know that reporting on data that you can export is one thing, and we will touch on that later; but one thing that sets us apart is our ability to act upon the data that we have collected. RFIDentikit produce live reports, these reports take complex criteria and build a list of objects that can be subjected to the same automation that we talked about previously.


Regarding static data, we have many ways to get this into your hands.


Once our team have built the reports, getting you the information that you knew you wanted, and likely some that you didn’t know you needed, we create one click reports. These one click reports give you access to a live version of this data in… one click. The data set is regenerated each time you click the button so you know it is always up to date at the moment the button is clicked.


If this is not slick enough for you, we have got you covered. These reports can be automatically packaged up and sent out via email SFTP or to an API endpoint ensuring that key stakeholders are informed to a schedule or third-party data analysers such as PowerBI can ingest this data in almost real time.


Our data is generally used to also produce live dashboards on big screens in your command centre, showing live flow rates per access point assisting with security and staffing adjustments. We have tons of premade dashboards that you can use to see all your stats in real time. If we don’t have one that suits your needs, you’re a special case…and we like those, so we will build one just for you.


We have talked briefly about the team here at RFIDentikit. They are the feather in your cap when it comes to management of your event. We work with our clients like we are a member of their team – if they have a problem, they know who to call, if they need a feature, they know who to call. We don’t do support tickets, we do real people speaking to real experts…and there is not much they don’t know about accreditation and events management.


RFIDentikit’s event accreditation software is flexible enough that we work with very small events right through to some of the worlds largest events with millions of attendees – your event size doesn’t dictate the software and services that you use, your events needs drive that, and we have you covered with these stress free event management tools.