Sail GP


RFIDentikit have been working with SailGP for several years, bringing our gold-standard event accreditation software and RFID scanning solution to their exciting worldwide sailing events. Working closely with the accreditation, operations, and security teams to provide our unique accreditation management platform and our RFID access control system.


Handheld RFID scanners paired with our ScanME app interrogate each pass' access matrix.  The device then informs the security operator as to whether the person should be allowed to enter or not - this was especially important in the technical and race operation areas where autharised personnel were strictly controlled.


Entering the VIP areas at such a desirable event doesnt come cheap and with high entry fees comes the high likelyhood of people trying to cheat their way in - that is where RFIDentikit and our RFID access control system steps in.  By using our tri-factor verification method, we ensure that pass swapping, stealing and impersonating is not rewarded with access to your event.


Most of our clients operate with industry standard pass sizes, but Sail GP wanted to change the game in their events.  We worked with Sail GP to produce a beautiful off rectangle design proving aesthetic gains setting them appart from other events.  This new pass design required a new method of holding the pass.  We again worked with Sail GP to produce a metal friction clip, attached to a lanyard to grip the new cards.  There really is nothing like this off the shelf making their event access media truely unique.


The supply of our quality onboarding sessions with Sail GP facilitated their independance when operating their event with our accreditation software.  As with all of our clients, comfort is provided with knowing that we provide dedicated staff memebers for support throughout the project ensuring that there are always professionals on hand for help, support, or advice.